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My Scans!

The things on this page are all things that I have scanned. Well...yes, I will admit that some of them are a little bad...I'm still learning! I'll be putting a little star icon (-) next to the ones I feel are really really pretty. If you like any of them, feel free to use 'em! That's what friends are for! Just give me the credit that I'm due, and DO NOT direct link to any of them, as I delete and rename things whenever the whim hits me.

There are two exceptions to this. I would prefer that you not take any of my animated .gif files or any of my drawings without my permision. Got it? Good! Carry on.


All the inners looking angry
Tuxedo Kamen...oooh....
Super Sailor Moon
Super Sailor Moon preparing to attack!
Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibi-Usa jumping and happy
-Chibi Princess Serenity and Prince Endmyon! Kawaii!
Close up of Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon attacking, surrounded by the inners
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Uranus
-A chibi Sailor Neptune!!!
-Eternal Sailor Moon
Rei looking cool!
-Usagi and Chibi-Chibi in dresses
-Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon with Pegasus
-The Sailor Starlights in tuxes
Sailor Venus
Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi-Moon, and Sailor Jupiter chained to a bomb
-Sailor ChibiChibimoon
Group shot of The inners, Super Sailor Moon, and Sailor Chibi-Moon
An absolutely immense shot of Sailor Jupiter
The kitty ball...or Luna P...or whatever....
-Chibi-Usa hugging her kitty ball...or Luna P...or whatever....
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mercury
-The inners, chibi and wearing dresses!! Super-kawaii!!
Sailor Moon pointing
Super Sailor Moon with her Kaliedamoonscope(Is that right? Tell me!)
Super Sailor Moon running
Usagi sitting
Wicked Lady
Ami, Rei, and Chibi-Usa in a garden
Mako tasting her cooking
Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibimoon
Group shot of Super Sailor Moon, Chibi-Moon, the inners, Tuxedo Mask, and Pegasus.That's a mouthful, eh?
-Usagi and Rei fighting Ahh, sweet immaturity....
-A very manga-like group shot of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus
Super Sailor Mars
Sailor Moon, with a big smile
Super Sailor Moon again
Usagi putting on earrings
Sailor Venus, from a card
-Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako, holding fruit WARNING: big!
-Usagi and Chibi-Usa surrounded by cherries WARNING: big!
-Usagi and Mamoru, and strawberries WARNING: big!
-Sailor 1
-Sailor 2
-Sailor 3 Ever wonder why they're called 'Sailor' Senshi? These three pics will show ya....
Ami and Mako
Human Luna and Kakeru
Usagi and Mamoru smooching!
Super Sailor Moon getting her Kaliedamoonscope
Usagi running and looking happy
Sailor Mercury reaching for a Heart Crystal Well, I THINK that's what it is....
Teeny tiny SD Super Sailor Moon
A sweatdropping Sailor Moon
The inner Senshi
Ami in a blue dress
Ami in a orangy-kinda suit
Ami in pink
Ami's head
-The inner Senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen
-Chibi-Usa with the Luna P
Chibi-Usa in an orange dress
Chibi-Usa is too cute for her own good....
Emerald. Ooo...evil...
Sailor Jupiter attacking
Sailor Jupiter, close up
-MAKE UP!!!(The inner Senshi)
Mako wearing a vest
Mako in a yellow jacket
Mako in green
Mako's head
Sailor Mars attacking
Saior Mercury attacking
Picture of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter
Mina with a green scarf
Mina with a green jacket
Mina's head
Usagi and Ami at the beach
-Usagi and Mamoru kissing
-Sailor Moon's pose after her "Moon Cosmic Power" transformation
A cool little pic of Sailor Moon
Finally! A pic of Sailor Pluto!
-Cool group photo! The inner Senshi, Neptune, Uranus, and Chibi-Moon
Rei in her temple robes
Rei in a purple-blue dress
Rei...just lookin' cool
Rei's head
-The inner Senshi, Chibi-Usa, and Tuxedo Kamen
Sailor Moon, swinging the Cutie Moon Rod
The infamous R Movie smooch...
Usagi in her school uniform
Usagi in a pretty outfit
Usagi in a purple dress
Usagi in a red sweather
Usagi and Mamoru and for once, they aren't kissing!
Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter, back to back
Mako and Mina
Usagi in a kimono and bunny ears
Usagi shouting her tranformation phrase. Manga style, no less. French manga, too! Ah well...
Manga Ami Just little...
Manga Rei Just little...
Manga Makoto Just little
Manga Sailor V Just little...
Manga Luna Just little...
Manga Artemis Just little...
Manga Usagi and Sailor Moon, side by side
See? Usagi was silly even as a princess!
Usagi and Mamoru, hugging
Usagi being the cutie she is
Usagi looking shocked
Sailor Moon and all the inner senshi. Manga pic! ...I love these...
After Usagi's first transformation into Sailor Moon. Manga again!
Sailor Moon, against a cityscape
An early pic of Usagi/Sailor Moon
Ami, manga style
Makoto, manga style
Minako, manga style
The inner senshi, and Sailor Pluto
A sweet one of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen
Little on of Usagi dreaming she's Sailor V.
Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, and Luna together
The inner senshi on a green background
Sailor Moon, tossing a mask. With some french writing, too.
Downright cute little pic of Usagi and Luna

-Look, but don't take these!-
An animated Sailor Moon
And animated Super Sailor Moon. Well, I had enough shots to make two.
An animated Sailor Chibi-Moon!
The animated Chibi-Chibi I made
The animated Sailor Saturn I made
An animated Sailor Uranus doing her World Shaking attack
A very animated Sailor Pluto
An animated Sailor Mars freaking out and falling
An animated Sailor Jupiter leaping back
An animated Sailor Venus attacking to the side
An animated Sailor Venus attacking to the front. Yet again I had enough shots to make two!
An animated Sailor Mercury. She's cute!
An animated Sailor Neptune doing her Deep Submerge attack
An animated Tuxedo Kamen
A silly animated Sailor Moon

My LORD, but there's a lot of them!

These, you may NOT take!! I drew 'em!

Chibi-Usa as Queen of Crystal Tokyo
My own Sailor, Sailor Pandora!
A nice one of Sailor Moon
Sailor Pandora, powered up further!
-Not Sailor Moon...a little elf I call Peaseblossom
-A bigger version of color! It's just the head, though.
A doom-tree type alien, of my own creation.
-Cecil from Final Fantasy 4
Head shot of Faris from Final Fantasy 5
-Faris from Final Fantasy 5
-Lenna from Final Fantasy 5
Kururu from Final Fantasy 5
-Celes from Final Fantasy 6
-Relm from Final Fantasy 6
-Terra from Final Fantasy 6
A bunch of moogles playing video games
Cute little green baby elf-type thing....
-A sorta-nice picture of Chibi-Usa.
-Peaseblossom and some other person that I drew.
Eternal Sailor Pandora. ...okay, I KNOW it looks silly.
A doom-tree type alien...sorta....
Usagi acting silly
A quick sketch of Calcite, a made-up Dark Kingdom general.
A quick sketch of Pyrite, another made-up Dark Kingdom general.
Um, a sketch of a guy I called Ben...
-A picture of a girl and her kitty.
-Some kinda catgirl creature.
Violet (Sailor Pandora's other guise) armed and ready to fight.
-A faerie I named Cobweb.
-A faerie I named Moth.
-A faerie I named Mustard Seed. Hee hee...all the faerie's names (and Peaseblossom's) were taken from Midsummer Night's Dream.
-Poor little Mustard Seed....
-A realistic picture of Violet. Some say the nose looks a little funny...
A nice, NICE sketch of a bookbag. I made a printmaking plate from this sketch...
-A painting of orange juice being poured into a glass. Did this for art class last year. Got 29 out of 30. Ah, well....
Red-haired catgirl
Sketch of my friend Jenn
Sketch of my friend Jesse

I'll put up yet more next chance I get. If you suddenly feel the urge to mail me, go ahead! I'm not stopping ya! And if you really really really want to use one of my drawings or gifs, ask and I'll think about it.

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Sailor Moon, and all things related, are the property of Naoko Takuchi and Kodansha, not me. Do not sue me, I mean no harm , I have no money, and I would cry a whole lot. And if you can read this, you have good eyes....