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The Burning Questions!!!

Fire Soul!!!
Mars Fire Ignite!!!

Why are things like they are? Why...?

Despite how much I like Sailor Moon, some things just raise some burning questions. Such as....

That's it, that's all. I used to give out an award for good submissions, but I've given up and have no urge to keep this up any longer. You can look at it, you can enjoy it, but you cannot add to it! Go away! Scoot! No more e-mails! *deeeeeep breath* Quite sorry.... carry on.

Winners of the award!!!

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Sailor Moon, and all things related, are the property of Naoko Takuchi and Kodansha, not me. Do not sue me, I mean no harm , I have no money, and I would cry a whole lot. And if you can read this, you have good eyes....