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All those people in my head....

(Or the characters I roleplay....)

Hello, hello....This page is dedicated to one of my favorite things to do....Go to WBS, and roleplay!!! (By the way, WBS is a lovely place to chat in general, but I really enjoy the roleplaying rooms....Nia's Tavern especially....)

To those of you fuzzy on the concept of roleplaying, you be a character, (Any kind. Any kind at all.) and basically pretend to really be them. (Well, that's the best description I could think of....) It's much more fun than the normal "Hello, who are you, how's the weather" kind of chatting....In fact, you tend to fight, get hurt, get healed, get into all kinds of strange situations....If this sounds interesting, go to WBS, get yourself a handle to go by (It's free, don't worry!) and give it a shot!

Ahem, anyway....Here are all the folks I play regularly.....

Ippy Trapspringer

(My first!)

...A 17 year old quarter kender. Kinda immature and naive. Grandaughter of Taylin Trapspringer. Short, small, quick, carries a hoopak and a heckuva lot of pouches.

Super Sailor Pandora

This is Violet, but she is really Super Sailor Pandora, a soldier of chaos, and FUTURE GENERATION SAILOR SCOUT.

Sailor Ch@ron

...also known as Tiffany. A soldier for love and justice. She has strong psychic abilites, and controls negativity.

plant girl Sakura alien, one of the last of her kind. Needs energy from other living things to survive. Not evil...just horribly maladjusted, and nasty because of it....

Annik DesSouris

...a young woman who...well...isn`t as human as she looks. Has a soft, squeaky voice.

Relm Arrowny, the artist

...exceptionally talented for a 10 year old girl. Her paintings come to life...literally. Wears a ring from her long dead mother. Knows much magic, too.

Kushu, a moogle

...A female moogle, to be precise. Need more be said?

That's it, that's all....

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