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The Cheapskate's Sailor Moon Shopping Guide

Ami, Rei, and Chibi-Usa in a garden

For all of you with very little cash....

Ah, yes, Sailor Moon merchandise. Few things make me happier. But for the most part, happiness comes with one heckuva cost. Four bucks for a short plastic Tuxedo Mask! Eighteen for a doll that resembles a mutated Barbie! Twenty five bucks for the Crescent Moon wand!!! Everything is too freakin' expensive! Is there no justice in this world?!

Fortunately, you can occasionally get around this problem. You simply must know when and where to look. That is what this short little guide is for. I, the great and amazing Pam, (Give me my moment in the sun, please....) shall show you how to find all kinds of nice things at good, and maybe even cheap, prices!

  1. Look for sales. This is a obvious, I'm sure. Look through fliers, and take advantage of ANY drop in prices.
  2. Comparison shop. Some of my best advice. In some cases, the thing you want can be bought at different stores at different prices. For instance, I bought my Moon Scepter for twenty bucks at store A, five less than if I had purchased it at store B.
  3. Check all over the store. Well, don't look in the place where they sell tires, but don't just stick to the toy section. Look at the books, stationary, music, and bins that may be put out. If you don't, you may miss out on a lot of nice finds.
  4. Don't neglect the Dollar Stores! I have found some of my best and cheapest finds in Dollar-ramas. If you look, you can find stickers, temporary tatoos, rubber stamps, stationary, dolls, and other things. In some cases, the products are absolute rip-offs, with either few or no similarites to Sailor Moon. (Pretty Girls, Meteor Girls....) But sometimes you can hit the jackpot, and find "good" knock-offs. I have found Sailor Sweeties, (Short figurines meant to be the five Inner Senshi and Reeny.) and Beauty Soldier Shirley Moore dolls (EXACT copies of the Inner Senshi, Sailor Chibi-Moon, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Uranus.) My favorite find are these 140-piece puzzles of Japanese Sailor Moon posters.

I hope I've been helpful! If you have anything to add to this, or want to tell me that I'm a complete nutcase, mail me. I just LOVE to get mail!

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