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My Sailor Moon ramblings!

Usagi and Rei acting immature.

Anger, joy....and downright madness!!! Whee!!!

Hello! I've set aside this little space so that I can share my silly little opinions, thoughts, and just about everything else I feel like with you!

October 23, 1998--Gee, I don't update much anymore, do I? *sigh* Oh, well. I've got two major things to report. One: I've got a bunch of self-inking Sailor Moon stampers. (All picked up at various dollar stores!) And I've decided to put 'em on display here:

sheet 1 - This is of a set that came in small bags of two. They were going dry, so I used some other stamp pads of mine to supply the ink.
sheet 2 - This set is of a slightly lower quality than the first, but they're not half bad. (Well, except for the second one from the left.)
sheet 3 - This set of stamps isn't self inking, actually. They're official North American merchandise...and they're not quite as nice as the knock-off ones.

Also, I'd like to report that I've checked out this year's Wish Book (The Sears Canada Christmas catalogue), and found some GREAT Sailor Moon merchandise in it!, well, it depends on your definition of great. I only glanced quickly, but I did see 6 inch dolls of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Super Sailor Moon, and (brace yourself) Professor Tomoe and Kaiolinite!! They called her Kaiori Night...well, I suppose that's close....I'll put some scans up as soon as I can!

June 6, 1998--Well, it certainly took me long enough to write something new here....anyway, I've got two things to say this time. One: I took a picture of the homemade Sailor V doll I made...but it came out too fuzzy to scan. Wahhh! We'll all have to wait longer. Two: I found something interesting at the grocery store...Sailor Moon canned pasta! I SWEAR I am NOT making this up! And to prove it, I've scanned the label, and put it up here! Have to warn you, it's kinda big...about 130k or so. And just how does this stuff taste? Pretty good, actually. The noodles are a bit mushy, and don't hold their shapes well, though....

March 22, 1998--Heya people! I've got something that ought make all you moonies really happy! Jump, a great teen magazine (And the only one I read,) has declared on their Adore/Snore list that Sailor Moon is better than Hello Kitty!! WHEE!!! People are finally taking notice of the wonder that is Sailor Moon! WHEE!!!

January 13, 1998--'Kay, just thought I'd add somethin'....I've got some new things uploaded, and I've made some nifty transparent GIFs, and, well, I've been keeping m'self busy....
I also want to get something off my chest right here....I cannot STAND the use of the word Scout instead of Senshi!!! Why, might you ask, is that so?

Now, would you rather have a Soldier, or a Scout fighin' for ya? So there.

December 22, 1997--Hello again! I wanna tell you all that I've got a computer of my own now, and can update this place more often!!! No more waiting for the stupid access center to open....I have a bunch of things planned for this place, and I just have to wait until Tripod gets their lousy uploader thingie fixed to show 'em to ya!
Oh! I made myself a Sailor V figure!!! I took a knock-off Venus, painted it with a little nail polish and such, cut out a mask and bows from stiff paper, and voila!!! SAILOR V!!! I'll scan her and post her here really soon!

December 11, 1997--Well, I've just started this page, and I have SOOOO much to say....Well, let's start with a little overwhelming joy. I GOT SUBTITLED MOVIES!!! I ORDERED THE R MOVIE AND THE S MOVIE!!! AND I GOT THEM!!! *ahem* Pardon that. I'm just sooo happy that I just wanna share it with everyone!!! Whee!!! (By the way, do I use Whee, and exclamation points too much....?) It was nice to actually SEE the attacks of the Outer Senshi....So nice....And the R movie...Ooo, romance! It was soooo romantic....Well, that WAS the point....
OH! My cousin picked up some Sailor Moon stationary for me yesterday! Writing paper! Envelopes! Pencils! And all at a dollar store!!! I'm having a hard time to contain myself!!! WHEE!!! I LOOOOVE dollar stores....

That's all! Mail me if you wanna complain!

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Sailor Moon, and all things related, are the property of Naoko Takuchi and Kodansha, not me. Do not sue me, I mean no harm , I have no money, and I would cry a whole lot. And if you can read this, you have good eyes....